After enduring a long, chilly winter, there’s nothing more delightful than seeing your backyard come alive with blooming flowers and lush greenery. The arrival of May flowers after April showers signals the perfect time to elevate your gardening skills!

Explore the 20 DIY garden ideas below to transform your garden into a stunning oasis. The only challenge will be choosing which project to start with!

1. Repurpose that old tree stump by transforming it into a charming mini garden.

Don't throw away that old tree stump. Turn it into a cool, mini garden instead.


2. Use cinder blocks to create a versatile garden wall and add more plants within the openings for a unique touch.

Cinder blocks make for a great garden wall, and you can plant even more things inside of them.

Guiding Home

3. Use old wine boxes as rustic planters for your herbs.

Plant herbs in old wine boxes for a rustic look.

LLH Designs

4. Add a unique touch to your garden with personalized stepping stones.

Make stepping stones to add some one-of-a-kind flair to your garden.

Intimate Weddings

Get the tutorial here.

5. Save space in your planters by filling the bottom with milk jugs.

Instead of filling up an entire planter with potting soil, stuff the bottom with milk jugs.

The Beansprout Notes

6. Create your own natural bug repellent to protect your plants from pests.

Make all-natural bug repellant to keep insects from eating your plants.

Weed Em And Reap

Get the recipe here.

7. Craft whimsical concrete garden mushrooms for a playful touch.

Make cute concrete garden mushrooms.

Crown Hill By Day

Learn how to make these here.

8. Construct a rain barrel to recycle water efficiently.

Make a rain barrel to repurpose water.

Mom Prepares

It looks complicated, but it’s actually quite simple.

9. Build a garden fountain using a variety of materials with these instructions.

You can make a garden fountain out of pretty much anything with these instructions.


10. Repurpose old tires as stylish planters.

Turn old tires into cool planters.

Lemon Bean And Things

11. These charming DIY garden creatures add a touch of whimsy.

I'm not sure what these little DIY garden creatures are, but they sure are cute.


Learn how to make your own colony of garden creatures here.

12. Design a vertical garden by attaching small planters to a fence.

Make a vertical garden with tiny planters mounted on a fence.


13. Attract stunning butterflies with a special feeder in your garden.

Attract beautiful butterflies to your garden with a special feeder.

Refreshing The Home

Read more about this here.

14. Combine a planter and birdbath in one with this easy tutorial.

Make a planter and birdbath combo with this simple tutorial.

Mami Talks

15. Use an antique typewriter as a unique garden display with succulents or seeds.

With succulents or seeds, an antique typewriter becomes a unique garden display.

Flickr / Blinkwhenpassing

16. Transform old children’s toys into playful garden planters.

You can also plant greenery in old kids' toys.

Junk Market Style

17. In arid climates, a planted water bottle trick helps maintain garden hydration.

If you live in an arid climate, this planted water bottle trick will help keep your garden efficiently hydrated.

The Gardening Cook

Read how it works here.

18. Create artistic garden decorations using chicken wire and spray paint.

Chicken wire and spray paint create these cool garden decorations.

Paradise Express

19. Turn vintage glass into light-catching garden decor.

Turn vintage glass into light-catching garden decor.

Hayseed Homemakin’

20. This foldable hanging garden table is crafted from pallets.

This hanging garden table is made from pallets, and it folds up!

Jenna Burger

Find out how to make it here!

I’m particularly drawn to the chicken wire and spray paint garden decorations; they add such character! With limited space in my yard, choosing just a few projects might be a challenge. Which DIY projects caught your eye?

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