Gardening can be full of do’s and don’ts, making it tough to find reliable advice among the myths and old stories. If you’re feeling a little discouraged, these helpful tips will give you a boost in your gardening journey.

From blooms to fruits and vegetables, you’ll soon become the talk of the neighborhood with these expert hacks.

1. Avoid straining your back by using a tarp or tablecloth to drag heavy soil bags.

Don't break your back lugging heavy soil bags: use a tarp or table cloth to drag them.

Better Homes and Gardens

2. Simplify weeding by soaking the soil with water beforehand.

Make weeding easier by saturating the soil in water first.

YouTube / eHow

3. Use a moist paper towel to test the viability of your seeds.

Test your seeds with moist paper towel.


4. Soak your seeds to help them sprout more easily.

5. Craft eco-friendly seed starters with toilet paper rolls.

Create biodegradable seed starters with toiler paper rolls.


6. Try lemon rinds as seed starters as well.

A lemon rind works well, too.

My Roman Apartment

7. Save space by growing potatoes vertically.

Save space bygrowing your potatoes vertically.


8. Enhance the sweetness of your tomatoes by adding a touch of baking soda.

Make your tomatoes sweet with a sprinkle of baking soda.


9. Coffee grounds can improve your soil quality and deter pests.

Coffee grounds will enrich your soil and keep it safe from critters.

Beginning Farmers

10. Eggshells offer extra nutrients to your plants.

11. Substitute Miracle-Gro with Epsom salt for healthy growth!

Who needs Miracle-Gro when you have epsom salt!

Healthy Food House

12. Turn broken pots into plant markers for your garden.

Repurpose broken pots into plant markers.


13. Paint and personalize stones as decorative markers.

Or customize some cute stones.


14. Consider placing diapers in your pots for better moisture control.

Put diapers in your pots. No, really.

Smart Schoolhouse

15. Create an inexpensive hanging succulent garden using a shower caddy.

Make a cheap hanging succulent garden with a shower caddy.

Ikea Hackers

16. Keep your plants hydrated with paper towels.

Lazy gardeners can use a paper towels to keep their plants watered.


17. Lazy gardeners can use a plastic soda bottle as a water reservoir.

...or a plastic soda bottle.

Chicago Now

18. Propagate your own basil using store-bought cuttings.

Grow your own basil from leftover store bought cuttings.

Thyme 2 Garden Now

19. The same goes for celery!

Same goes for celery.

The Organic Lemon

20. Onions can also be regrown from kitchen scraps!

And onions!

Alternative Gardning

21. When cutting succulents, avoid making them too short.

Don't slice your succulent cutting too short.

Succulents and Sunshine

Succulents and Sunshine

22. Bring life to walls by designing moss graffiti.

Landscaping isn't just on land: design awesome moss graffiti.


23. Coffee filters prevent soil from escaping through drainage holes.

Coffee filters will stop soil from leaking through your pots' drainage holes.


24. Give your flowers a little vodka to keep them fresh longer in a vase.

Your flowers will stay fresher longer in the vase if you get 'em a little drunk.

DIY Network

25. Alum keeps your hydrangeas looking vibrant for longer periods.

Alum will keep your hydrangeas perky and pretty longer.

The Happier Homemaker

26. Create a space-saving trellis using bamboo and zip ties.

Build an easy, apartment-friendly trellis with zip ties and bamboo.

Apartment Farm

27. Organize your seeds efficiently using a photo album.

Keep your seeds organized with a photo album.

Fresh Eggs Daily

Grab your gardening gloves and put these tips to use. Happy gardening!

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