WEN 4019 Corded Pole Saw Review

There are many options to choose from when selecting an electric pole saw. Some of them can be suitable for your garden needs.

The WEN 4019 corded pole saw could be one of those. Let’s look at the pros and cons of this tool and if it’s the right one for you.

WEN 4019 Corded Electric Pole Saw Review

WEN 4019 Corded Pole Saw
  • Telescoping pole adjusts anywhere from 5.3 feet to 7.3 feet for up to 12 feet of overhead reach
  • 6-Amp motor rotates the chain up to 36 ft per second
  • Weighs in at a mere 6.7 pounds to limit user fatigue during operation

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Pros Cons
  • 6-Amp powerful motor
  • Telescopic pole that adjusts for 12 feet reach
  • Lightweight at 6.7 lbs
  • Inexpensive
  • Automatic oiling system
  • Consumes oil a bit fast

Cutting capacity

The WEN 4019 has a 6-amp electric motor. This is sufficient for pruning tree small tree limbs in the garden.

The 8-inch bar and chain help you prune branches that are up to 6 inches thick.

Pole Reach

The telescopic pole is easy to extend up to 7.3 feet so you get an overhead pole reach of about 12 feet. This is useful to prune tree branches that may be hard-to-reach.


The WEN 4019 is a good durable pole saw as long as you keep it maintained after use.

The 8-inch bar and chain are made by Oregon which makes it high-quality and lasts a long time.

Bar and chain

The bar and chain is made by Oregon which is well-known for its quality of such tools.

The 8-inch length of the bar and chain help you trim branches up to 6-inches in diameter.


The Earthwise has a durable design that will make it last a long time. It’s easy to use as an electric pole saw for pruning tree branches.

The durable Oregon bar and chain help improve cutting speed while reducing vibration. The design of the chainsaw pole is telescopic so it’s easy to adjust the length.

The WEN 4019 has a tool-free chain adjustment system so it’s easy to set the right chain tension when using it.


The WEN 4019 weighs 6.7 lbs which makes it one of the lightest electric pole saws you can find.

You can use this tool for a long time in the garden without getting fatigued.


The WEN has an automatic oiling system that helps keep the bar and chain well-oiled while in use.

This gives you better cutting performance and makes the tool last for a longer time.

You fill up the oil reservoir with bar and chain oil to the recommended level and let it do the work.

Detachable head

The WEN 4019 does not have a detachable head where a chainsaw is available for use.

This is a good feature to have when you want to prune small trees and shrubs in the garden. But it tends to make the pole saw top-heavy.


A corded electric pole saw creates less noise than a gas-powered one. However, it’s still good to use ear protection such as earmuffs.


The 6-amp motor of the WEN 4019 helps you prune regular tree limbs in the garden. The benefit of using an electric pole saw is the low maintenance compared to a gas-powered one.

It comes with an automatic oiling system. You need to fill the reservoir with the required bar and chain oil before use.

The oil keeps the bar and chain well-lubricated when in use. This improves the cutting performance and durability of the pole saw.

The tool-less chain tensioning system helps you adjust the chain tension with ease. You don’t need to struggle with a wrench to set it up.

The pole saw chain can get dull after a lot of use. You then either need to sharpen the chain yourself, get a replacement chain or get the help of a professional to do so.

Safety features

The benefit of an Oregon bar and chain is that it’s built for a low kickback. This is a common problem beginners face when the tip of the bar touches a branch.

The pole chainsaw lunges back and can result in an injury. So it’s good to have a low kickback chain design.

It also helps improve cutting performance and reduce vibrations. So you won’t feel fatigued when using this pole saw.

The weight is light enough so you can use it without losing control of the chainsaw.

The safety switch that is present in this tool helps prevent starting by accident. And it has a scabbard to protect the chain between your cutting sessions.


The WEN comes with a limited two-year warranty so you have the protection in case something goes wrong with the tool.


The WEN 4019 is one of the most inexpensive corded electric pole saws you can buy.

If you’re looking for a budget option for pruning tree limbs, this is a tool that you should consider.

Customer Reviews

The WEN 4019 has an overall good rating from customers who bought it.

They found it easy to use for pruning branches. The tool-free chain adjustment system was also found to be easy and convenient.

Customers found it lightweight and easy to carry around. They prefer it as an inexpensive option compared to a gas-powered one.

They did find that it uses a lot of oil when in use. So you need to remember to keep the reservoir filled up when using it.

They found the tool as value for money based on its performance, usage, and durability. It’s one of the best electric pole saws you can find.

Should you buy the WEN 4019 Electric Pole Saw?

The WEN 4019 is a good corded pole saw for regular pruning in the garden. The 6-amp motor is sufficient for such operations.

It’s great value for money where you get a good quality tool without spending too much.

The Oregon brand gets you good performance and durability. And a low kickback design that’s suitable if you’re a beginner at pruning tree branches with a chainsaw.

And it does not require much maintenance to keep it running for several years.

It’s good to have the tool-free tensioning system so you can keep the chain well-adjusted. And the automatic oiling system keeps the bar and chain in good shape.

We think this is one of the best pole saws in the corded electric category you can get for your garden. You can learn more about some other options available in our list of best electric pole saws.

WEN 4019 vs Sun Joe SWJ800E

Sun Joe SWJ800E Corded Pole Saw
  • [IDEAL]: For cutting overhanging limbs and thin logs
  • [TELESCOPING POLE]: Extends to 8.7 ft to provide a total of 15 ft of overhead reach
  • [POWERFUL]: 6.5-Amp motor cuts branches up to 7.5 inches thick

Last update on 2024-04-10 // Source: Amazon Affiliates

The Sun Joe SWJ800E has an almost similar 6.5-amp electric motor as the WEN 4019.

Both have the 8-inch bar and chain that can be used to prune tree branches up to 6-inches in thickness.

The pole can be extended to 8.7 feet so you can get an overhead reach of 15 feet. Both these tools have a telescoping pole that’s easy to extend.

Both the tools don’t have a detachable head which makes them well-balanced when in use.

The Sun Joe weighs about 7 lbs which is almost the same as the WEN.

Both electric pole saws have an automatic oiling system which means you don’t need to worry about oiling the bar and chain during use.

And both these tools can be considered a budget option that won’t cost you a lot of money.

WEN 4019 vs WORX WG309

WORX WG309 Corded Pole Saw
  • [UP HIGH OR DOWN LOW] It’s really 2-tools-in-1: A pole saw for trimming branches from trees, and a regular chainsaw for projects on the ground.Please refuel before use, but oil is sold separately.
  • [POWERFUL MOTOR] At 8 Amps, you’ll get consistent performance and reliability from this streamlined machine. Rated Voltage: 120V~60Hz
  • [AUTO CHAIN LUBRICATION] The automatic oiler will always have the chain operating at peak efficiency, for faster, more controlled cuts

Last update on 2024-04-10 // Source: Amazon Affiliates

The 8-amp motor of the WORX WG309 is more powerful than the 6-amp of the WEN.

It has a 10-inch bar and chain that is longer than the WEN. This helps you prune branches up to 8-inches thick.

The pole is telescopic and extends to get an overhead maximum reach of 10 feet which is less than the WEN.

It’s a 2-in-1 tool where you get a chainsaw attached to a pole. The chainsaw can be used to prune small trees and shrubs. This does make the tool top-heavy when full-extended.

The WORX WG309 weighs about 10 lbs which is heavier than the 6.7 lbs of the WEN 4019.

Both electric pole saws have an automatic oiling system that helps keep the bar and chain oiled when in use.

They also have an easy-adjust chain tensioning system that helps you adjust chain tension without the need for a wrench or screwdriver.

WEN 4019 vs Greenworks 20192

Greenworks 20192 Corded Pole Saw
  • 6.5 Amp Electric Motor starts withing seconds and gets the job done
  • 8-Inch Oregon bar and chain for trimming down limbs in hard to reach areas
  • 50 ft. extension cord

Last update on 2024-04-10 // Source: Amazon Affiliates

The Greenworks 20192 has a 6.5-amp motor that is almost the same as the WEN.

The bar and chain is also 8-inches which is similar in length to the WEN..

The automatic oiling system helps keep the bar and chain well-oiled. This improves cutting performance and durability.

Both tools have an easy adjustment chain tensioning system. This helps you adjust the chain tension without messing around with a wrench or screwdriver.

The pole length is 8 feet and not telescopic. You need to attach the pole to the chainsaw to extend it. This is a disadvantage compared to the telescopic WEN 4019.

The Greenworks 20192 weighs about 10.47 lbs which is heavier than the WEN.

Both tools are inexpensive and suitable when you’re looking for a budget option.