Pole Saw Kickback

A pole saw is like any other chainsaw which makes it a dangerous tool if you’re not careful.

One problem with such chainsaws is known as a kickback. It’s a problem that causes a lot of injuries every year. Sometimes it could even be fatal.

But with the right safety precautions, you can trim tree branches without worrying yourself.

What is a kickback?

Kickback is an unexpected upward movement of the pole saw guide bar and chain.

It happens when there’s a wrong use of the chainsaw. Either due to the user or some mechanical error.

What problems cause a kickback?

A kickback can occur in two situations when using a pole saw.

You may be careless and touch the tip of the guide bar to the tree branch. Or the wood might pinch on the guide bar while cutting and you try to force it.

There are also factors that increase the risk of a kickback.

The common factor is poor maintenance of the pole saw. You should check your pole saw before use.

There should be no loose parts or broken components.

A dull chain has the potential to create a kickback. Sharpen the chain before using the pole saw.

Make sure the chain tension is optimal. You don’t want a chain that is loose on the guide bar. Nor do you want it too tight.

The depth gauges on the chain help how deep it cuts. If they get out of shape, it increases the chances of pinching. Keep them filed to the right levels.

What is the kickback danger zone?

The kickback danger zone is the area at the top of the tip of the guide bar.

It’s known as the danger zone because it has the highest chance of causing a kickback when touching the branch.

The bigger the guide bar, the larger is the kickback zone. And so the higher the potential for a kickback.

How to reduce the risk of a kickback?

There are certain things you can do to help you learn more about a kickback. And reduce the risk of suffering a mishap.

The first thing to do is to read the user manual that comes with your pole saw. You want to make sure you’re using the pole saw as it’s supposed to be.

You want to make sure you’re doing it right when it comes to maintenance and safe use of the pole saw.

The pole saw is a tool that you need to be careful when using. Always be alert when using the pole saw. If you feel tired, take a break without stressing yourself out.

Always use the underside of the pole saw chain when trimming tree branches. You don’t want the tip to touch the branch. So be aware of where the tip is while pruning.

There are pole saws that are suitable for beginners. They come with a kickback guard on the guide bar. They also have a low kickback chain.

The kickback guard prevents the tip from touching the branches. And the low kickback chain protects from a sharp jump even in case of a kickback.

Always wear protective gear before using the pole chainsaw. This includes clothing such as chainsaw chaps, eye protective glasses, ear muffs, gloves, heavy boots, and jeans.

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