Corona TP 6870 MAX RazorTOOTH Tree Pruner Review

You may have decided the manual pole tree pruner is the tool you need for your garden.

It’s a good choice when you want to trim branches that are in hard-to-reach places.

The Corona TP 6870 MAX RazorTOOTH is one such tree pruner. Let’s review this tool to know if it’s suitable for your tree trimming needs.

Corona TP 6870 MAX RazorTOOTH Tree Pruner Review

Corona TP 6870 MAX RazorTOOTH Tree Pruner
  • Ideal pruner for heavy-duty orchard pruning
  • 14-foot compound action tree pruner with steel blade
  • Comfortable 24-inch foam grip

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Pros Cons
  • 14-feet reach
  • Compound action pruner
  • High-carbon durable steel blade
  • Comfortable foam grip
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Plastic lock-clutch lock tends to get loose

Cutting capacity

The Corona TP 6870 has a compound action system that helps you prune tree branches with ease. You get 3x cutting power than other pruning saws.

You can use this to trim limbs that are up to 11/4 inches in thickness.

Pole Reach

The pole is telescopic and easy to extend to a total length of 14 feet with twist-lock adjustment.

It does a good job of reaching branches in hard-to-reach areas of tall trees.


The pruning head has a compound action system and heavy-duty chain drive. It’s made with heavy-duty zinc alloy with a non-stick tempered steel blade.


The 13-inch razor tooth saw blade comes with 3-sided teeth that cut 2x faster than conventional saws.

It’s fully heat-treated, high-carbon, PTFE non-stick coated cutlery SK5 steel blade. It’s chrome-plated that reduces friction and improves efficiency.


The saw has triple-ground impulse-hardened teeth that help remove up to 3x more material per pull stroke.

It has an exclusive Powerglide rope pull system that gets a smooth cutting action.

The 28-inch foam grip helps you use the pruner with ease so you don’t feel fatigued while using it.


This tree pruner weighs about 3.2 lbs which makes it super lightweight. It’s great to use for a long trimming session in the yard without feeling fatigued.


The Corona TP 6870 pole pruning saw is a manual pole pruner. This means it doesn’t make much noise like a gas or electric pole chainsaw.


The Corona TP 6870 is a manual pole saw. It requires a lot less maintenance than a gas or electric pole pruner.

It’s good to keep the saw blade oiled before and after use. Also, clean the blade from dust and debris. This will keep the blade in good condition for a long time.

The saw blade will get dull after using it for a long period of time. It’s easy to detach the blade and sharpen it yourself.

Or you can get the help of a professional to sharpen it up.

Safety features

The 3-sided teeth and the compound action pulley system helps you cut 3x smoother than other pruning saws. This ensures you don’t force the blade and risk injuring yourself.

The pole is firmly attached to the pruning saw so it does not fall off when using to prune trees.

This manual pole pruning saw is very lightweight so you can use it without losing control.


The Corona TP 6870 comes with a limited lifetime warranty that is good to have. You can get it replaced or fixed if something goes wrong with the tool.


The Corona TP 6870 is one of the higher-priced manual pole pruners you can find. If you’re looking for a budget tree pruner you need to check other options.

Customer Reviews

Many customers have purchased the Corona TP 6870 and have good things to say about it overall.

They find it well-built with the fiberglass pole and easy to use. They also find the blade is sharp and nice to cut branches.

Customers find the chain drive works well and it’s comfortable to use this pole pruner. The foam cover on the handle gives a good grip when using it.

One problem reported by customers is that the plastic lock-clutch used to lock the extension is a bit loose. So it can come loose when you’re using the pole saw that is extended.

Should you buy the Corona TP 6870 MAX RazorTOOTH Tree Pruner?

When you buy the Corona TP 6870, you get a manual pole pruner that extends up to 14 feet. You can prune branches that are 11/4 inches thick.

The Razor Tooth saw blade is made with fully heat-treated, high-carbon steel that makes it durable and rust-resistant.

It has 3-sided teeth that along with the compound action pulley system of the pruning head give you 3x cutting power.

The 24-inch foam grip on the handle is comfortable so you can use the pruner for a long time without feeling fatigued.

And you get a limited lifetime warranty with this pole pruner.

Overall, we think this is a good choice when you’re looking for a tree pruner suitable for regular pruning operations in your garden. If you’re looking for more choices, you can check out our buying guide that has more manual pole saw reviews.