10 Awesome Tips For Starting Seeds When Your Growing Season Sucks

Seed starting

Growing plants can be tough sometimes. You want to enjoy the taste of home-grown tomatoes, peppers, and zucchini. You want to watch the beautiful zinnias, and marigolds growing in your garden. But the cold climate where you live puts a damper on your gardening dreams. What can you do when the growing season in your … Read more

How to Use Neem Oil and Save Your Plants From a Horrible Death

neem oil

It’s a nightmare. You wake up drenched in sweat just thinking about it. The thought that your plants are being destroyed by pests is painful. You’ve grown your plants with tender loving care. Giving them the right amount of food, water, and air. And an infestation of pests can ruin everything in just a few … Read more

Growing Plants in Space is the Key to Life Beyond Earth

space gardening

Plants provide us with food and oxygen. And that’s why growing plants in space is so important. If we are to reach other planets in the future, we really need to find ways to grow plants in space and hostile environments. This video shows how researchers are using the International Space Station to conduct experiments … Read more

Straw Bale Gardening: Something That is Really Different

straw bale gardening

I’m sure you’ve heard of container gardening but have you ever heard of straw bale gardening? Yes, it’s very much possible as you can see in this video by Joel Karsten who shows you exactly how you can grow plants in a straw bale. The great thing about such gardening is you can grow different … Read more

It’s Really Hard Being a Lego Gardener

lego gardening

If you thought gardening was difficult, have a look at this video. We have a lego gardener who has to face all the horrors that gardeners are afraid of. Whether it’s animals messing your garden up or eating up your plants. Or maybe it’s those darn weeds that keep destroying your hard work. Or it’s … Read more