What are the Best Ratchet Pruners of 2018?

Best ratchet pruner of 2018

Gardening comes with it’s fair share of tasks and upkeep, but one of the most notable duties is pruning away dead, damaged, or unsightly parts of your plants. If you have trouble holding pruners or cutting with them due to problems like arthritis or carpal tunnel, then you will find the ratchet pruner to be very … Read more

What are the Best Anvil Pruners of 2018?

Best anvil pruner of 2018

Do you need them or do you not? There’s always been this question when it comes to anvil pruners. Sure you need a good pair of bypass pruners as part of your gardening tools. But what about anvil pruners? Bypass pruners are the best for pruning green wood. That’s because they make clean, precise cuts on branches, … Read more

What are the Best Bypass Pruners of 2018?

Best bypass pruner of 2018

You can’t live without it. As a gardener, there are some tools that become an indispensable part of your gardening life. Something that you’ll always find in your bag of gardening tools or holster. And one such tool is the handy bypass pruner. When you’re looking to prune small plants, branches, and shrubs, the bypass pruner will help … Read more

What is the Best Pruning Saw of 2018?

best pruning saw of 2018

It looks bad. A branch of your tree is diseased and you need to cut it out or your tree could die. If it’s a branch that is less than an inch thick, a bypass pruner will do the job. If it’s between 1 to 2 inches thick, you’ll need a bypass lopper. But anything more than … Read more