The Husqvarna 587160704 Technical Apron Wrap Chap are the best chainsaw chaps for a small chainsaw based on the value they provide.

Blood everywhere.

You thought it would never happen to you but it did.

You were happy in your garden, enjoying the scenery as you cut branches with your small chainsaw. And that’s when it happened.

Before you could realize it, you hit the top of the chainsaw on wood and received a nasty kickback. You watched in horror as the chainsaw landed on your left leg, cut through your jeans, and into your leg.

Blood spurting everywhere as you collapse crying in pain.

You wake up in bed, covered in cold sweat, gasping for breath. What a nightmare that was!

But that could become a reality because chainsaw accidents are one of the most frequent in the United States. And the easiest way you can prevent this is by investing in a good set of protective equipment.

Buying a good pair of chainsaw chaps is one of the most important activities you can do to protect yourself from chainsaw disaster.

Product Rating Price
Husqvarna 587160704 Technical Apron Wrap Chap 1
Forester Chainsaw Safety Chaps 2
Labonville Full-Wrap Chainsaw Safety Chaps 3
WoodlandPro Chainsaw Safety Chaps 4
Cold Creek Loggers Chainsaw Apron Safety Chaps 5

What is a small chainsaw?

A small chainsaw is a chainsaw with smaller size and power than a professional chainsaw. The small chainsaw can be used in your garden for pruning small branches and trees.

The length of the bar of a small chainsaw can range from 12 to 16 inches. You can get a variety of small chainsaws in the electric, battery, and gas powered variations.

Do you need a small chainsaw?

For branches less than 1 inch thick a bypass pruner should get the job done. Anything from 1 to 2 inches thick will need a bypass lopper.

But what can you use if your branches are more than 2 inches thick? A pruning saw would work fine to cut such branches. But if there are a lot of branches you’ll end up getting tired and sore.

That’s where a small chainsaw can help you cut branches with ease without needing to spend a lot of energy and effort.

What precautions should you take when using a small chainsaw?

Following some precautions before using a small chainsaw will go a long way in protecting you from injury.

The most important safety factor is to wear the necessary protective equipment. This includes chainsaw chaps, a chainsaw helmet, safety gloves, and safety goggles.

The chainsaw chaps will protect your limbs from getting cut by the chainsaw due to kickback. The chainsaw helmet will protect you from falling branches and debris and your ears from the noise. A good pair of safety gloves will protect your hands from getting cut. And the safety goggles will prevent debris from flying into your eyes.

It’s important to keep the chainsaw chain sharp because this makes the cutting easier and lowers the risk of kickback. You can use an electric chainsaw sharpener to sharpen the chain with ease. Or buy a replacement chain if it’s too worn out.

Also, ensure that there is sufficient tension in the chain so that it is not too tight or too lax. This will increase the life of the chainsaw while providing the best cutting.

Keep the chain well-oiled before trying to use the chainsaw. You can do this by ensuring there is sufficient oil in the reservoir.

If you have a cordless chainsaw, make sure the battery is charged up before use. If you have a gas-powered chainsaw you need to put adequate gas in the tank. And for the electric chainsaw make sure you have a long enough outdoor extension cable to connect to a power outlet.

Many chainsaws come with a handbrake that will activate in case of a kickback and shut down the chainsaw to protect you from injury. Before using the chainsaw test out the handbrake and ensure that it functions as expected.

Before starting the chainsaw make sure the area is clear of objects so you don’t stumble on them. Also, make sure there are no children or pets running around the work area.

Before you start cutting branches, keep the chainsaw to your side rather than directly in front. This will protect you in case of a kickback so the chainsaw does not fly towards your body but to your side.

Never try to use the chainsaw on a ladder or above your shoulder. If you do want to cut branches high on the tree you need to get a pole saw or call a professional for help.

When you start the cutting, make sure to use the part of the bar that is closest to the engine. This is the safest way to cut and avoid a kickback where the top of the bar touches the wood.

When you are cutting don’t apply a lot of pressure on the wood. Let the chainsaw do its job of cutting with the help of gravity.

What is a chainsaw chap?

A chainsaw chap is a pair of trousers that will provide you protection from accidentally cutting yourself with a chainsaw.

The outer layer of the chainsaw chap will be made of a material like nylon while the inner layers will contain protective material like kevlar.

Depending on how good the chainsaw chap is it will slow down the chainsaw or even stop it completely before it comes in contact with your body.

Why do you need to wear chainsaw chaps?

The most common injury with a chainsaw is due to kickback where the top of the chainsaw chain hits some wood and lunges back at your body.

Your legs will be the ones that could get a direct hit of the chainsaw due to such kickback. Without protection, you would cut your legs up pretty seriously and might even die due to blood loss if you’re working in a remote area.

That’s where a chainsaw chap can provide you adequate protection and lower the risk of serious injury.

The inner material of a chainsaw chap consists of several layers of fibrous kevlar-like material.

When the chainsaw chain comes in contact with the chainsaw chaps, the fibrous material will bind to the chain and slow it down or bring it to a halt.

Even if it does not bring the chainsaw to a halt immediately, it will give you sufficient reaction time to pull the plug on your chainsaw and prevent serious injury to your legs.

Does a chainsaw chap protect you when using an electric small chainsaw?

Most chainsaw chaps that you find will be made for gas chainsaws and are not supposed to be used for electric chainsaws.

There are some chainsaw chaps available for electric chainsaws but they tend to be a bit expensive.

When a gas chainsaw chain comes in contact with a chainsaw chap, the fibrous material gets entangled with the chain and brings the chainsaw to a stop because the torque of the chain goes down.

In case of an electric chainsaw, as soon as it hits the chainsaw chap as soon as the chain gets entangled with the fibrous material, the torque tends to go up as RPM decreases.

Having said that, it is still advisable to wear chainsaw chaps even if you’re using an electric chainsaw. Because it will give you sufficient time to react and stop the chainsaw before you cause serious injury to your legs.

How to choose a good chainsaw chap

There are some factors you should know about before making a buying decision for your chainsaw chaps.


Coverage determines the area of your lower body that the chainsaw chaps will protect.

You can get chainsaw chaps that only cover the front portion of your legs or others that even cover the back portion giving more protection.

You should also ensure that the chainsaw chaps cover your entire leg till the top of your boots for complete protection.


The chainsaw chaps can be made from different materials that will help stop the chainsaw when the fibers entangle.

You should buy chainsaw chaps that come with at least 4 to 6 layers of protective material. The more protective layers you can get the better.

You should also check the outer layer of the chainsaw chaps that come with a polyester fabric. In this case the thicker the fabric the better. Try to get a chainsaw chap that has at least 600 denier polyester fabric. If you can get a 1000 denier one then even better.


It’s good to choose a chainsaw chap that fits you good enough so that you can move around freely without feeling hot but it does not slip off.

Some chainsaw chaps come in a limited set of sizes like 35 inches, 37 inches, 40 inches. Some others are free size and anyone with a waist up to 48 inches can wear them. Though they might feel a bit loose than those with a specific size.

Make sure the size is big enough so that it covers your entire leg from the belt to the top of your shoes so you get the maximum protection.


You don’t want to compromise on the quality of the chainsaw chaps because it can be a matter of life and death.

You need to choose a chainsaw chap that has as many layers of protection as you can afford both on the inside and the outside.

You should also check whether the chainsaw chap is resistant to oil and water. And whether it can be washed in cold water.


A chainsaw chap that follows standards and has a certificate of quality ensures your safety.

There are several standard certifications available for chainsaw chaps based on the region you live in. Some of them include OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), ASTM (American Section of the International Association for Testing Materials), ASNI (American National Standards Institute), and UL (Underwriters Laboratories).


It’s nice to have a pair of chainsaw chaps that are lightweight because you don’t want to exhaust yourself just wearing a pair and moving around.

The lighter they are the better can you move around in your garden as you prune trees and branches. But make sure the quality is good even if the chaps tend to be slightly heavy.


You should find the chainsaw chaps comfortable to wear as you go about your pruning tasks.

The more flexible the chainsaw chaps the better you can move around your garden carrying the chainsaw.

It can get uncomfortable if you sweat a lot when wearing chainsaw chaps. So try to choose one that is breathable and allows good air circulation.


Pockets are an optional accessory to have in your chainsaw chaps. Some people liek to have pockets where they can place their tools. Others find them too restrictive and don’t prefer them on their chaps.

If you do need pockets on your chainsaw chaps make sure they are of good quality and can hold plenty of tools without tearing.


The money you should spend on a chainsaw chap depends on how you are going to use it.

If you’re going to ocassionally trim a few branches a budget chainsaw chap should be sufficient as long as the quality is good.

If you’re going to spend a lot of time trimming trees and branches then you should choose a professional quality chainsaw chap that is high quality and very durable.


Husqvarna 587160704 Technical Apron Wrap Chap
  • Includes one pair of Husqvarna Technical Apron Wrap Chainsaw Chaps with adjustable waist size up to 38 inches (overall length is from waist to ankle)
  • Reduce Chainsaw Injuries: This chainsaw safety equipment is designed to reduce the risk or severity of injury with a pull-apart design that will clog up the sprocket system of a chainsaw to slow or stop the chain from rotating
  • Heavy-Duty Materials: Made with 1000 Denier polyester with PVC coating and five layers of Tek Warp protective material for durable chainsaw protective gear

Last update on 2024-03-05 // Source: Amazon Affiliates

The Husqvarna 58716074 chainsaw chap comes with a 1000 denier polyester with PVC coating with TEK WRAP protection. This includes 5 layers of protective material as well which makes this one of the best chainsaw chaps you can get.

The overall length of this chainsaw chap is from the waist to the ankle. It is also a wrap chap which means it covers the front and lower back of your legs and offers great protection.

This chainsaw chap comes in two size variants that can fit your waist between 36 to 38 inches or 40 to 42 inches. They weigh about 3.75 pounds which makes them comfortable to move around as you’re cutting branches. It might get a bit warm when you use these chaps in the summer.

It comes with convenient high-quality pockets that can hold your felling wedge and gear.

The Husqvarna wrap chap meets all the necessary certifications including ASTM F1897, ANSI Z1331, UL certification, and OSHA 1910-266.

Pros Cons
  • 1000 denier polyester with PVC coating
  • 5 layer of protective material
  • Wraps around the ankles
  • Adjustable size
  • Has two pockets
  • Gets warm in summer

Forester Chainsaw Safety Chaps
  • FORESTER: Chainsaw Safety Chaps - Apron Style Adjustable Protective Pants We've taken care to design chainsaw aprons that give top of the line protection and are easier to put on and take off than ever before. There's no reason not to use protection when it's this easy!
  • Each set of chaps comes with a deep utility pocket for easy storage. We've made a lightweight 4 ply barrier that meets the heaviest standards. Our protective gear meets OSHA Regulation 1910-266 for chainsaw operators. They're UL Tested & Classified Chainsaw Chaps (ASTM F1897), and they meet ASTM F1897-2008 39JY standard specifications for leg protection Made BetterEach pair of chaps is water-resistant and oil-resistant so you can stay focused on the job.
  • If you're doing cutting for landscaping or heavy-duty logging work these chaps are perfect for you. The totally adjustable fit means it fits perfectly for men or women of most sizes. Get real professional-grade protection from Forester.

Last update on 2024-03-05 // Source: Amazon Affiliates

The Forester Chainsaw chaps are apron style means they protect the front of your legs from a chainsaw kickback.

The outer shell is made from 1200 denier polyester while there is a 12 layer protective material on the inside. So as you can see it’s going to make your chainsaw using experience pretty safe.

The outer shell is also oil and water resistant which makes it very durable and easy to wash.

These chainsaw chaps are not free-size but you can get them in size variants such as 35 inches, 37 inches, and 40 inches. You may find that the belt that comes with it slides out of the buckle when you’re using it so you may have to use your own belt to hold it in place.

The Forester chainsaw chap weighs about 2.95 pounds which makes it pretty lighthweight and easy to carry around while cutting trees and branches.

These chainsaw chaps don’t protect your crotch area so you should consider it when making your buying decision.

They are certified according to the ASTM F1897, OSHA 1910.266, and UL standards so you are assured of safety. Though it’s not recommended to use these chaps with an electric chainsaw.

Pros Cons
  • 1200 denier polyester
  • 12 layer protective material
  • Oil and water resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Does not protect crotch area
  • Belt slides out of the buckle

Last update on 2024-03-05 // Source: Amazon Affiliates

The Labonville full-wrap chainsaw chaps are one of the best when it comes to quality.

They are made in the USA and come with a heavy duty 1000 denier outer layer and an extra thick interior material made up of 5 protective layers made of kevlar.

These chainsw chaps wrap around the legs and will also help protect your ankles in case of a chainsaw kickback. They do not have protection near the crotch area which you need to be aware of.

This chainsaw chap is not free-size but you can get it in a range of sizes such as 28 inches, 32 inches, 36 inches, 40 inches, and 44 inches. Make sure to buy one that fits you from the belt till the top of your shoes so that it protects you completely.

These chainsaw chaps weight 3 pounds and is very comfortable to use as you move around your garden.

They are a bit more expensive than some of the other chainsaw chaps but you do pay for the good comfort and high-quality of these chaps.

It meets the standards for ASTM F1897-14, ANSI Z133.1, and OSHA 1910-266 that makes it very safe for use.

Pros Cons
  • Made in the USA
  • 1000 denier outer layer
  • 5 protective layers of kevlar
  • Wraps around the legs
  • Lightweight
  • Expensive
  • No protection near the crotch area

WoodlandPro Chainsaw Safety Chaps

Last update on 2024-03-05 // Source: Amazon Affiliates

The WoodlandPro chainsaw chaps come with a 1200 denier outer layer and 12 protective layers of kevlar on the inside.

This means you get excellent protection from seriously injuring yourself from the kickback of a chainsaw. It only protects the front of your legs and does not wrap around to protect your ankles.

The outer layer of the chainsaw chap is resistant to oil and water which makes it quite durable and easy to wash.

The WoodlandPro chainsaw chaps do not have free-size fitting but they do come in a variety of sizes based on your needs. They weight about 2 pounds which makes them pretty lightweight and comfortable.

It comes with convenient pockets that you can use to store your felling wedge or gear.

This chainsaw chap is certified as per the ASTM F1897 and the OSHA 1910.266 standards which ensure the quality of this product.

Pros Cons
  • 1200 denier outer layer
  • 12 protective layer of kevlar
  • Oil and water resistant
  • Convenient pockets
  • Lightweight
  • No wrap around ankle protection
  • No free-size fitting
  • Tends to get hot in warm weather

Cold Creek Loggers Chainsaw Apron Safety Chaps
  • Comfortable, oil resistant, water resistant, pocketed, 1200 Oxford Poly outer. These chaps protect both front legs and meet ASTM F1897, OSHA 1910.266, UL Certified. Not suitable for use with electric chainsaws

Last update on 2024-03-05 // Source: Amazon Affiliates

The Cold Creek loggers chainsaw chaps come with as 1200 Oxford outer polyester material

These chaps cover the front of your legs but are not wrap around so they leave your ankles without protection.

They weigh just 2.45 pounds which makes them lightweight, comfortable, and easy to move around within your garden. And they could be considered a budget option based on their price.

These chainsaw chaps are not free-size but you can get them in the 35 inch, 37 inch, and 40-inch variants. Make sure to choose the one that fits you well and the length extends from your belt to the top of your shoes.

The Cold Creek loggers chainsaw chaps are water and oil resistant which makes them durable and easy to clean after use.

The chainsaw chap does come with pockets but they seem to be quite small. And the waist strap tends to loosen while these are in use.

These chainsaw chaps meet the certification for the ASTM F1897, OSHA 1910.266, and UL standards which makes them good quality and safe for use.

Pros Cons
  • 1200 Oxford outer layer
  • Inexpensive
  • Water and oil resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Pockets are small
  • Waist strap tends to loosen
  • No ankle protection


You’ll now be safe.

With the right decision of buying a good pair of chainsaw chaps, you’ll get all the protection you need before using the chainsaw.

Now you can enjoy your time in the garden pruning your trees and branches without worrying about injuring yourself. And you can sleep in peace knowing your plants are growing healthy and strong.

The best chainsaw chaps I would recommend is the Husqvarna 587160704 Technical Apron Wrap Chap because it is the best in terms of overall quality, protection, and the price you pay.

If you just use the chainsaw occasionally and are looking for a pocket-friendly option you can choose the Forester Chainsaw Safety Chaps that are quite inexpensive while provided pretty good quality and protection.

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