On the r/Anticonsumption subreddit, a gardener showed how they’re getting their garden going with old yogurt cups. They posted a pic with the caption, “Joining this reusable planter train. Plastic yogurt cups plant starters.”

The picture shows a metal rack with lots of plastic containers filled with soil. Each pot had a label saying what seeds were planted inside. If you’re someone who eats yogurt, this is a neat way to use those empty tubs.

Photo Credit: Reddit

In the comments, the person who posted the pic shared more about how they used the tubs as planters: “I took a drill bit and stacked them up to drill holes for drainage.”

Yogurt containers aren’t the only things you can use for planting seeds. You can also try plastic boxes, big jugs, toilet paper rolls, and egg cartons. Using stuff you already have can save you money if you’re starting a garden from seeds. Gardening can sometimes cost a lot, so finding ways to save money at every step is smart. New seed starter sets can be as much as $40, so using what you have can really help you save.

Using old stuff for gardening isn’t just about saving money, though. It also helps keep trash out of the landfill. If everyone did a bit to reduce waste, we could keep tons of trash from piling up. Landfills make the Earth warmer by letting out methane, a gas that’s even stronger than carbon dioxide.

According to the EPA, landfills are the third-biggest source of methane pollution in the United States. They made about 14.3% of the pollution in 2021.

People in the comments loved the idea of using old yogurt containers for gardening. One person said, “Why didn’t I think of this before? I eat yogurt every day and love plants.” Another person added, “Gardening is fantastic for reusing trash.”

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