Best Growing Kits

It’s a wonderful feeling to grow your own plants in containers. But it can be overwhelming when you start as a beginner. Choosing the right growing kit will help you grow the plants with confidence and ease.

I looked at several different garden kits that are available and picked the Urban Leaf – Garden Trio Kit. I think it’s the best herb growing kit for a beginner. You get to grow three herbs at a great price. It comes with a reusable planter, coco coir pots, and three packets of seeds. I’m happy I found this growing kit and would like to get some of their other variants.

The most important thing to remember when buying a growing kit is that you want something easy to use. There are many different types of growing kits with fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. But you need to pick one that has all the necessary components so you don’t stress on missing things while working on your container plants.

What To Look For In A Growing Kit

These are the factors that can help make your growing kit buying decision a lot easier.


You can get different types of grow kits for growing herbs, fruits, vegetables, bonsai, flowers, succulents, and even herbal tea plants. So pick one that you find enjoyable. Or if you’re like me, start with a simple one like herbs and later grow the other ones as well.


This is the most important factor to consider when buying a growing kit. You want to have good quality seeds with a high germination rate. Check that the seeds are tested by the supplier. You want seeds that are organic and 100% non-GMO.


There are different kinds of containers that come with a growing kit. You might have some made with peat that is biodegradable. Or coco coir that is also sustainable and easy to transplant.


The soil should be sterile and friable so it retains enough moisture while draining out the excess. Look for soil that contains compost or worm castings. Those will help the plants grow the best.

Some soil may come with slow-release fertilizer or nutrients in them. They may also have water-retaining crystals that help the soil retain moisture a bit longer.


Some growing kits may come with a few reusable components. This could include the planter and plant labels.


I’ve kept this lower in the list because price should be the smallest factor to consider. Most growing kits are inexpensive and you should pick on on quality. Even if it means you pay a little more than some of the other available ones.


Growing kits may come with bonus accessories which is always a good thing. You can get planters, labels, and how to grow guides. Some may also give you a web app to help you following instructions and make it easy to grow the plants.

Top Growing Kit Brands To Consider

Urban Leaf – This is one of the best brands to consider for growing kits in planters and bottles. They have some of the easiest kits with instructions to grow your own plants.

Planter’s Choice – This brand probably has the most variety when it comes to growing kits. They have herb kits, vegetable kits, bonsai kits, exotic fruits kits, succulent kits, and even herbal tea kits.

Plant Theatre – This is another brand that has several options for growing kits. Their packaging is good and they boast of great performance. But I need to try them out sometime.

Nature’s Blossom – This is another brand that seems pretty good with its choice of growing kits. It also comes with organic seeds, biodegradable pots, compressed planting soil, and growers manual.

Back to the Roots – Another brand that sells grow kits and seems to do well. But some of their kits like the herb one has some poor germination rates.

Choose A Growing Kit You Like

Herb Growing Kit

If you’re looking to grow herbs, the Urban Leaf – Garden Trio Kit is a good option. You can choose between a kit growing basil, parsley, cilantro, or a kit with chives, rosemary, oregano.

Vegetable Growing Kit

Plant Theatre – Funky Veg Kit is an interesting choice for growing vegetables. Not only do you get to grow some good vegetables but also show them off with their interesting colors. You get the seeds for purple carrots, striped tomatoes, yellow courgettes, red brussels sprouts, and multi-colored swiss chard.

Flower Growing Kit

Nature’s Blossom – Sunflower Growing Kit may interest you if you’re looking to grow some flowers. It comes with three types of sunflower seeds: Gian Grey, Autumn Beauty, and Teddy Bear.

Succulent Growing Kit

Planter’s Choice – Succulent & Cactus Growing Kit is for you if you want to grow succulents. It comes with 2 succulent and 2 cactus seed packets.

Fruit Growing Kit

Planter’s Choice – Exotic Fruits Growing Kit is a good choice if you’re looking to grow fruits like strawberries, goji berries, honeydew, and watermelon.

Bonsai Growing Kit

Nature’s Blossom – Bonsai Tree Kit is for you if you’re looking to grow a bonsai in your home. You get to grow the Jacaranda Mimosifolia, Pinus Aristata, Ficus Religiosa, and Picea Mariana with this kit.

How to Use The Growing Kit

Each growing kit will come with a set of instructions, Following them will give you the best chance of growing the plants.

I’m taking an example of the Urban Leaf – Garden Trio Kit just to give you a general idea. This one comes with the herbs basil, parsley, and cilantro.

  • Find a good spot indoors or outdoors where the plants can get at least 6 hours of sunlight.
  • Water the plants regularly to keep the soil moist. You can check the soil by sticking your finger in it. If it feels dry, that’s the time to water. It’s best to check every day whether the soil is dry.
  • Make sure the temperature is around 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s the best temperature to grow these herbs.
  • Place the soil discs in a bowl and add about 2¼ cups of warm water. The discs will separate and turn into moist soil. Break apart any dry clumps that may be around.
  • Put the soil into the coco coir pots that come with the growing kit. Keep the soil fluffy and smoothen the surface once the pot is full. Keep a little soil so you can use it to cover the seeds later.
  • Place the seeds in the pots and lightly cover them up with the leftover soil.
  • The kit comes with bamboo labels that have the plant names. Stick the labels in the pots so it’s easy to identify the plants.
  • Basil will be the fastest to germinate in about 3-7 days. Cilantro and parsley may take 4 weeks to sprout.
  • Once sprouted, you can check if some of them need a bit of thinning. Take out the plants that seem to be weak, leaving the strongest one.
  • Once the plants grow to about 4 inches, they are ready for harvest. It’s best to harvest just ⅓ of the plant at a time.
  • After about 6 months, the plants will mature and produce seeds. That’s the time you won’t be able to harvest them as the taste will change. You can use the seeds in your cooking but it’s time to start again with a new set of plants.