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Hi there,

I’m Kevin, the creator of this website and the Facebook group “Vegetable Container Gardening For Beginners”.

I’ve been working hard on creating content on both these platforms for many years.

I’ve spent thousands of hours creating articles, books, and courses to help beginners start growing vegetables and herbs using container gardening.

I Need Your Support

It takes a lot of time, effort, and resources to create gardening content for the website. I also spend a lot of time moderating the Facebook group and keeping it spam-free for our members. It’s one of the best communities to get support from myself and fellow gardeners looking to grow vegetables and herbs in containers.

I also create books, courses, and informational products that can help gardeners who are looking to start container gardening to grow vegetables. I just created the Free Vegetable Container Gardening Course For Beginners to help those who are new to gardening and are struggling to learn the basics.

I work on this full-time and this is my only way to make a living. That’s why I need your support. If you find value in the content I create and the Facebook group, please consider supporting me.