The best tripod sprinkler you can buy based on the value it provides is the Orbit Heavy Duty Brass Lawn Impact Sprinkler.

Watering the lawn can be hard work.

That’s where a sprinkler can help you make things easy. Set them up and you’re good to go.

That’s what you thought when you bought all those sprinklers. But there’s a problem.

Your lawn has a lot of fences, shrubs, and vines which makes it hard for the sprinklers on the ground to water. How are they supposed to water things that are high up?

What if there was a sprinkler system that can be placed on a height. That would solve such problems, wouldn’t it?

That’s exactly what a tripod sprinkler can help you with. So let’s take a look at the best tripod sprinkler you can buy for your lawn.

Product Rating Price
Orbit Heavy Duty Brass Lawn Impact Sprinkler 1
Orbit 56667N Zinc Impact Sprinkler 2
Melnor Metal Pulsating Sprinkler 3
SOMMERLAND Brass Impact Tripod Sprinkler 4
Brass Impact Tripod Sprinkler 5

What is a tripod sprinkler?

Tripod sprinklers are made up of a stand, much like a tripod for a camera, and a sprinkler head which is fully adjustable. While the stand is fully collapsible for storage purposes, it stands firmly on the ground when set up and is very sturdy.

All the user needs to do is connect a garden hose to the sprinkler head and the machine is ready for use.

What are the different types of sprinklers?

There are several types of lawn sprinklers available on the market today.

Fixed sprinklers are stationary, meaning they stay in one solitary spot, and spray water over one particular area. Meanwhile, oscillating sprinklers spray back and forth in a fan-like movement, also remaining stationary.

Impact sprinklers rotate in a circle while water is sprayed, while rotating sprinklers also move in a circle, although they have at least two arms that spray water.

Looking like a small tractor, traveling sprinklers move around your yard on a set path for coverage of larger areas.

Sprinkler hoses lay on the ground like a hose, but feature tiny holes along the length of the hose from which water spurts. Some opt for in-ground sprinklers which, like the sprinkler hose, has water spurt from various spots throughout your yard at designated times. However, this option requires installation.

Tripod sprinklers feature a head that sits atop a tripod, much like that which would be used with a camera, in order to allow the water spray to reach greater heights and water further distances for larger lawns and gardens.

Do you need a tripod sprinkler?

If you have a yard with hard to reach areas, either geographically or as a result of fences or larger shrubs, the tripod sprinkler is a great solution as it stands taller than other varieties of sprinklers available and as such is able to reach a greater expanse of lawn.

Sometimes areas occur in gardens or lawns that are difficult to water, either because of the height of the sprinkler, the slope of the ground or other confinement. In these instances, a tripod sprinkler could be a good answer to ensure your entire lawn is properly cared for.

The ability to cover more distance can also help to save you money in the long run as you will not have to purchase, install and maintain several different heads. 

The level of coverage supplied by these sprinklers can be adjusted on most models, giving you the ability to water one section of lawn or garden while completely avoiding another area.

This type of sprinkler is also a great choice for people who have vines that need watering, as other sprinkler systems are unable to reach the full height of these. The sturdy legs also work well to transport water to hard to reach areas such as wooded or rocky areas.

The sprinklers are capable of reaching great distances and are able to be adjusted to meet your needs, ensuring that people with larger lawn space will receive a full watering.

The portability of the tripod sprinkler also ensures that watering will occur at the exact spot that it’s needed.

Because it folds for easy transportation, it can be used anywhere. So long as there is a water hose available, the tripod sprinkler can be put to use, making it highly useful for those looking to lend out or lease your sprinkler.

Tripod sprinklers are fairly lightweight, averaging around four to five pounds, meaning that even older gardeners will be able to handle carrying it and setting it up without too much trouble.

How to choose a tripod sprinkler?

There are several factors to keep in mind before choosing the best tripod sprinkler for your individual needs.


You will want to take a look at the space you need to be watered to take the height of the tripod sprinkler into consideration.

Does your garden have a trellis or vine that needs to be watered? Measure the height to be sure the tripod sprinkler you select will be able to reach the top.

Most tripod sprinklers currently available reach a height of about four feet, although some may reach higher than that, and all are adjustable if you need less.


Tripod sprinklers can reach great lengths of areas that need watering, making them a great choice for people with large lawns. However, it’s important to know beforehand how much length you are looking for.

Tripod sprinklers may come with adjustable height that can reach up to 50 feet or more.


The average tripod sprinkler is very sturdy and sits firmly on the ground while in use. While some models have weighted legs, others feature spikes that actually push down into the soil to ensure the entire machine stays firmly in place.


Tripod sprinklers come in a range of prices. it’s important to note that you typically get what you pay for, and these devices are no exception.

If you are looking for more features, the ability to reach greater distances and durability, you will end up paying a bit more for it.


While the higher quality models may offer as much as a lifetime warranty, other models may only offer a limited warranty reaching up to one year after purchase. This is up to individual companies and typically depends on the quality of the sprinkler.


Depending on your budget, you’ll be able to choose from several tripod sprinklers. It’s always good to buy the best quality one that provides great quality, durability, and performance.

However, if you don’t use the sprinkler quite often it might be OK to choose a budget one that goes easy on your pocket.

Precautions when using a tripod sprinkler

it’s important to remember that a watering hose will be attached to the tripod sprinkler when in use. So small children should be reminded to watch their step and be careful about running near the sprinkler as they may trip over the hose and fall. Older people should also exercise caution concerning this as a fall could result in an injury or broken bones.

The tripod sprinkler is collapsible which means it can fall on someone if they’re not careful around it. You could also get your fingers stuck in the collapsible parts so be careful when using the sprinkler.

How to use a tripod sprinkler

A tripod sprinkler is fairly easy to learn to set up and use. While not every model of tripod sprinkler will have the exact same features and variables, in general, they are very similarly set up.

You will want to decide where you will be placing the sprinkler and set up the tripod. The height of the tripod can be adjusted based on your needs. Maybe you have a garden hedge that you need to water the other side of, or a vine you need to make sure is watered from top to bottom.

Simply attach the garden hose to your sprinkler, and turn it on. it’s that simple.

it’s important to use a high water flow with these sprinklers, as some models may not work as well with a low flow. Any kink in your garden hose could lessen this pressure.

If the tripod head is tilted too much it may not have the ability to stay in place when the water is turned on.

Maintaining your tripod sprinkler

With some routine maintenance, your tripod sprinkler should work well for many seasons to come.

it’s important to check your sprinkler head to make sure it’s free from lawn clippings and dirt which could cause the head to not rotate as well. Any dirt found can be easily cleaned from the head by flushing it with water from your garden hose.

Check for leaks within your garden hose that could be causing low water pressure or an excessively damp area on your lawn. While small leaks can easily be sealed, larger issues could require you to purchase a new garden hose.

The same should be done for any pipes that bring water to your garden hose, although any issues found with pipes could result in the hiring of a plumber to fix.

If you live in an area that has a winter season, you will want to prepare your sprinkler system for the cold temperatures by winterizing it. This involves emptying out all the water from it and turning it off from the system.

Tripod sprinklers can be easily folded up for further storage from the elements during these frigid months. In addition, garden hoses should be emptied of water and put away as well to keep them from cracking.


Last update on 2024-02-21 // Source: Amazon Affiliates

Made from a heavy-duty 1/2-inch thick brass, the head of this tripod sprinkler is adjustable to reach a radius of up to 80 feet and is able to connect to any standard garden hose. The head also features an anti-backsplash arm that works to create a smooth rotation.

Meanwhile, the base is adjustable from 25 to 48 inches and is able to cover an area of up to a full circle. This sprinkler is a great option for people with larger lawns in need of watering as it can cover areas of up to 100 feet in diameter.

it’s important to note that the legs come with a small rubber piece on the bottom of each for stabilization purposes, which does not work as well on the uneven ground as other sprinklers which have pointed feet that can be pushed into the ground.

Pros Cons
  • Heavy-duty brass head
  • Can reach up to 80 feet
  • Connects to any standard hose
  • Anti-splash arm
  • Adjustable height
  • Average stabilization
  • Poor instructions

Orbit 56667N Zinc Impact Sprinkler on Tripod Base
  • LARGE-AREA COVERAGE: Sprays up to 85 feet in diameter, covering 5,670 square feet when set to a full circle. Ideal for large lawn areas.

Last update on 2024-02-21 // Source: Amazon Affiliates

Featuring a 1/2-inch zinc head that can reach distances of up to 80 feet, this sprinkler comes with a tripod base that can adjust from 16 inches to 37 1/2 inches high to reach your desired height of water spray.

It can be attached to any standard garden hose through a gooseneck attachment. The head can be adjusted so that it rotates in either a partial or full circle to meet your individual needs. All of this makes this sprinkler a good option for those with a larger lawn or garden.

The sprinkler has been found to work fairly well even with low water pressure, although leaking does occur at the point of connection with the hose.

A limited warranty good for one year from date of purchase is included with this sprinkler system.

Pros Cons
  • 1/2-inch zinc head
  • Can reach up to 80 feet
  • Adjustable height
  • Can attach to a standard hose
  • Works with low pressure
  • Hose attachment site may leak
  • Sprinkler head gets stuck sometimes

Melnor Metal Pulsating Sprinkler with Tripod

Featuring a sprinkler head made from all metal, the tripod base can be adjusted to reach a height of 48 inches and waters an area of up to 85 feet in diameter. The head can easily be attached to a 3/4, 5/8 or 1/2-inch garden hose.

This pulsating sprinkler is both lightweight and sturdy and adjusts easily for both height as well as uneven terrain.

The company is well-known for making high quality and durable sprinklers that will last season after season. In fact, the company is so sure their product will last that it comes with a limited lifetime warranty stating that if the product fails due to a defect in a part or craftsmanship, the company will either repair or replace the part at no cost to the owner.

Pros Cons
  • Durable metal head
  • Adjustable height to 48 inches
  • Can water up to 85 feet
  • Can be attached to a standard hose
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Poor instructions
  • Attaching hose a bit difficult

SOMMERLAND Brass Impact Tripod Sprinkler
  • Heavy duty brass impact head adjustable from 0 to 360 degree
  • Coverage up to 5000 SQF
  • Metal tripod adjustable from 16-37" for maximum coverage

Last update on 2024-02-21 // Source: Amazon Affiliates

The sprinkler head is made from solid brass and is adjustable from 0 to 360 degrees. The system is able to spray water a distance of up to 60 feet.

The head sits atop a tripod that can be adjusted between 16 and 37 inches. In all the system is capable of covering an area of up to 5000 square feet.

The sprinkler has a premium surface treatment which gives makes it good-looking and durable.

Some problems have been noted concerning the ability of the head to oscillate properly. it’s noted that this particular model requires more water pressure to work well and that it could need some sort of lubrication if it sits unused for any length of time.

Pros Cons
  • Lightweight
  • Durable brass head
  • Adjustable height
  • Premium surface treatment
  • Can spray up to 60 feet
  • Needs good water pressure to work
  • Sprinkler rotation gets stuck sometimes

Brass Impact Tripod Sprinkler with Heavy Duty Brass
  • Heavy duty brass impact head adjustable from 0 to 360 degree
  • Coverage up to 5000 SQF
  • Metal tripod adjustable from 16-37" for maximum coverage

Last update on 2024-02-21 // Source: Amazon Affiliates

Made from a heavy-duty brass yet weighing just 4.9 pounds, the sprinkler head can adjust from 0 to 360 degrees and cover an area of up to 5000 square feet.

The head, which can reach distances of up to 50 feet, is attached to a metal tripod that can be adjusted in height from 25 to 48 inches.

The company is known for making durable products that will last a long time. The tripod sprinkler is no exception and is sturdy enough to set it and forget it.

This sprinkler comes with a limited three-year warranty that is useful in case some problem occurs with it.

Pros Cons
  • Heavy-duty brass head
  • Adjustable to 360 degrees
  • Can cover up to 50 feet radius
  • Adjustable height up to 48 inches
  • LImited three year warranty
  • Sprinkler head sometimes gets stuck


If you’re looking for a good all-around sprinkler, we think the Orbit Heavy Duty Brass Lawn Impact Sprinkler is your best bet.

The sprinkler head is made from brass and will last a long time. It can cover a good radius of 80 feet so you won’t have problems watering a large area of the lawn.

You can adjust the height and coverage of this sprinkler with ease and the anti-backsplash arm creates a nice, smooth rotation for even watering of your lawn.

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