Gilmour Commercial Grade Pole Saw Review

It’s good to prune tree branches in the garden to keep them healthy and looking good.

A pole saw is a useful tool to do this pruning from the ground without wasting a lot of energy.

The Gilmour Commercial Grade pole saw is one of the options you have for a manual pole pruner.

This review will help you understand the features of this tool so you can make your buying decision.

Gilmour Commercial Grade Pole Saw Review

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Pros Cons
  • 16-inch pruning saw blade
  • Durable aluminum cast
  • Curved non-stick blade
  • 18-feet pole extension
  • Hook to pull down cut branches
  • Needs assembly of the pole and saw
  • Heavy

Cutting capacity

The Gilmour curved blade commercial grade pole pruner has a 16-inch curved blade that is good enough to prune branches that are 1 to 2 inches thick.

Pole Reach

The pole is easy to extend and you can get an overhead reach of 18 feet. This is suitable for trimming hard-to-reach branches of trees.


The saw head is made from a durable aluminum cast that makes it last longer and stays sharper.

The pole saw with fiberglass makes it strong, durable, and lightweight.

It helps reduces the flex when the pole is fully-extended and improves the life of the extendable pole saw pruner while giving steady cutting.


The 16-inch curved saw blade is made with durable cast aluminum. The curved design gives cleaner cuts.

The non-stick coating on the blade helps with smooth cutting and it prevents debris and sap from sticking.


The Gilmour commercial grade pole saw has a 16-inch curved blade design. This helps you trim branches with ease.

The fiberglass pole can extend 18 feet and has a 11/4 inch diameter. The available hook can be used to pull down the cut branches.

You do need to drill holes in the fiberglass pole to attach the saw. There’s also a paintbrush holder available as part of the design.


This pole saw weighs about 9.15 lbs which makes it heavy compared to some of the others available in this category of pole saws.


The Gilmour 16-inch curved blade commercial grade pole saw is a manual pole pruner. This means it doesn’t make much noise like a gas or electric pole chainsaw.


The Gilmour 16-inch curved blade commercial grade is a manual pole saw. So it needs a lot less maintenance than a gas or electric one that has more moving parts.

Make sure that the pruning saw is oiled before and after use. Also, remove the dust and debris from the extendable pole saw pruner before you store it away.

The pruning saw can get dull after a lot of use. You then either need to sharpen it yourself, get a replacement saw or get the help of a professional to do so.

Safety features

The curved blade design with nonstick coating helps you get smoother cuts so you don’t need to force the pruning saw.

The fiberglass pole helps reduce flex when the pole is fully extended. This helps you get better control when pruning.

The hook can be used to pull down cut branches and make sure they don’t fall off unexpectedly.


There’s not much information on the length of the warranty on this tool. However, you can claim it under the Gilmour warranty.


The Gilmour is an inexpensive manual tree pruner that is suitable for pruning regular tree branches in the garden.

If you’re looking for a budget tree pruning option for your yard, Gilmour is a good contender.

Customer Reviews

Many customers have been using the Gilmour Commercial Grade Pole Saw and the reviews are decent.

Customers like that this is a pocket-friendly pole chain saw option they can choose. They find that it’s pretty long and suitable to even reach 22 feet.

They find that it does a good job of pruning regular tree branches with simple enough operation.

They do find it a bit tedious to attach the fiberglass pole to the saw because holes need to be drilled in it. And there are no assembly instructions available with the tool.

Should you buy the Gilmour Commercial Grade Pole Saw?

This is a good pole pruner option if you want something that cuts well but does not cost a lot of money.

You get a pole saw that extends up to 18 feet. And that can prune tree branches that are 1-2 inches thick.

The pruning saw has a curved blade that helps get smoother cuts with its non-stick coating.

And the fiberglass pole is durable and helps prune tree branches without a lot of flex when fully extended.

It is a heavy pole pruner compared to some of the other pole saws available in its category so do try it out how it feels when in use.

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