Pranking your gardening buddies with vegetable-themed jokes can be a hilarious way to lighten the mood. Here are 10 outrageous vegetable pranks you can try:

1. The Fake Giant Veggie

Craft a realistic-looking giant vegetable out of papier-mâché or other materials and place it conspicuously in your friend’s garden. Watch their reaction as they marvel at the supposed monstrous growth.

2. Planting Gummy Worms

Instead of planting actual seeds, sneakily replace them with gummy worms. Your friend will be in for a surprise when they start sprouting candy instead of veggies!

3. Tomato Surprise

Hollow out a ripe tomato and fill it with something unexpected, like jelly or pudding. Leave it on your friend’s doorstep with a note saying, “I grew this just for you!”

4. Carrot in a Cake

Bake a cake that looks exactly like a carrot, complete with orange icing and green frosting for the leaves. Serve it to your friends without revealing the surprise until they take a bite.

5. Potato Prank

Use a vegetable peeler to carve a bar of soap into the shape of a potato. Leave it in your friend’s garden or kitchen, and watch as they try to figure out why the potato won’t soften or cook.

6. Cabbage Patch Dolls

Dress up some old dolls or stuffed animals to look like cabbage patch kids and hide them among your friend’s cabbage patch. They’ll do a double-take when they see these unexpected “vegetable” visitors.

7. Pea Pod Surprise

Fill empty pea pods with jelly beans or other small candies and scatter them throughout your friend’s garden. They’ll be delighted to find these sweet surprises hiding among the veggies.

8. Squash Swap

Replace your friend’s zucchinis or squash with similar-looking but inedible items, like decorative gourds or rubber toys. They’ll be puzzled when their harvest turns out to be anything but edible.

9. Radish Alarm

Set up a motion-activated alarm system in your friend’s radish patch. When they approach, the alarm will go off, leaving them wondering what could possibly be lurking among their vegetables.

10. Corn on the Cob Trick

Carefully remove the kernels from a few ears of corn and replace them with candy corn. Serve these “corn on the cob” treats at your next barbecue and watch your friends’ reactions when they take a bite.

Remember, the key to a good prank is to keep it light-hearted and harmless. Make sure your friends can laugh along with you once they discover the joke!

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