Craftsman P210 Gas Pole Saw Review

Nothing beats a gas pole saw when it comes to power and performance. But there’s a lot of options to choose from.

This review helps you understand the pros and cons of the Craftsman P210 gas pole saw. It’ll help make your buying decision clear based on whether this is the tool for you.

Craftsman P210 Gas Pole Saw Review

Pros Cons
  • 25cc powerful engine
  • Easy start technology
  • Low-kickback 10-inch bar and chain
  • Attachment capable
  • Limited 2-year warranty
  • No quick-adjust chain tensioning system

What is the cutting capacity?

The Craftsman P210 has a powerful 25cc 2-cycle engine. This gives you good performance for trimming regular tree branches.

The 10-inch bar and chain help you trim branches up to 8-inches in diameter with ease.

What is the pole reach?

The pole length is 7 feet which gives you an overhead reach of about 12 feet depending on your height.

The pole is not telescopic but has a 26-inch section that can be attached to increase length.

How good is the durability?

The Craftsman P210 is sturdy and durable. You should be able to use it for many years with regular maintenance.

How are the bar and chain?

The bar and chain have a length of 10 inches. This helps you prune tree branches up to 8 inches with ease.

Is the design good?

The Craftsman P210 has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to hold and use for long pruning sessions.

The grip is comfortable to hold and use. So you won’t have the risk of losing it from your hands while pruning.

The pole is not telescopic but has a 26-inch extension that can be attached. It does tend to lose a little power when this is used.

The Craftsman P210 does not have an easy-adjust chain tensioning system. So you need to use a wrench to manually adjust it.

Is the pole saw lightweight?

The weight of the Craftsman P210 is about 13.9 lbs. This makes it lightweight and easy to use considering it’s a gas pole saw.

The weight is well distributed on both ends making it well-balanced when in use. You could consider using a shoulder strap to make it more comfortable when using it for a long time.

Does it have an automatic oiling system?

Yes, the Craftsman does have an automatic oiler. This helps keep the bar and chain lubricated as it’s being used.

A well-lubricated bar and chain help improve performance, reduce debris from sticking, and improves the durability of the pole saw.

Make sure to fill the oil reservoir to sufficient levels before using the pole saw.

Does it come with a detachable head?

No. The Craftsman P210 does not come with a detachable head. It does have the extension that can be detached. So you get a shorter pole saw.

What are the noise levels?

This pole pruner has a gas engine. And that’s noisier than an electric one.

It’s good to have ear protection when using any such gas pole saw. This could be something like ear muffs.

Does it need a lot of maintenance?

You can use just the chainsaw and the handle attachment to get a small pole saw. Or you could extend it to full-length using the extension pole attachment.

The multiple parts make it easy to store this tool when not in use.

You do need to maintain it a bit more than an electric one. That’s because of more moving parts like the air filter, gas tank, and carburetor.

The auto oiler that comes with this helps to keep the bar and chain well-oiled. This improves performance and durability.

The chain is durable and should last a while but after some time it will get dull. You’ll need to sharpen it yourself or take help from a professional.

What are the safety features?

The low-kickback bar and chain help prevent kickback which is a common occurrence when using the chainsaw.

The tip of the bar may hit the branch and lunge back towards you in case of kickback. But the bar and chain of the Craftsman lower the risk of this happening.

The comfortable grip and ergonomic design will help you use the pole saw for a long time without losing control and risking injury.

How much is the warranty?

The Craftsman P210 has a limited two-year warranty on the pole chainsaw. This is a good period of warranty to have against manufacturing defects.

What is the price?

The Craftsman has a reasonable price considering it’s a gas pole saw. You can find some very expensive ones in this category based on power and performance.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive tool for pruning tree branches in your garden, this pole pruner is something to consider.

What do users think about this?

Most customers who bought this gas pole saw have given it a thumbs up when it comes to performance and ease of use.

They like that this tool comes with easy to install instructions and that it also comes with a can of bar and chain oil.

They find the tool durable and made with good quality materials that will last for a while.

The electric starter option is available but has to be bought separately so most used the pull-start available.

They find that the sawdust tends to stick to the pole saw after cutting and needs to be cleaned. And the oil leaks from the reservoir so that needs to be cleaned up as well.

Should you buy the Craftsman P210 Gas Pole Saw?

The Craftsman is a good all-round gas pole saw that gives you great performance while being durable, lightweight, and inexpensive.

It’s easy to use and has a good balance so you can use it for a long pruning session without getting fatigued.

The automatic oiler helps keep the bar and chain lubricated so it gives good performance and durability.

It does not come with an auto chain tension adjustment. So you have to use a wrench to get it just right.

The low-kickback chain helps protect you from accidents and it’s also nice to have the attachment capability so you can use it for other purposes as well.

If you’re looking for more gas pole saw to trim trees, check out our buying guide that goes into more detail with the different options available.