I heard that plants can be grown in water as long as they get the required nutrients, sunlight, and oxygen. I was curious about how to do this and how long the plant would live in water.

Houseplants can live in water for several years as long as you provide the right growing conditions. This includes water, nutrients, light, and humidity. It’s a method called hydroponics where plants are proven to grow well in water.

I’ve written a lot more details on how you can grow the plant in water, what are the benefits of doing this, and a list of plants that are suitable for growing in water.

Limits growth of the plant

One of the problems of growing a plant in water is that you can only grow it to a certain level. The plant will be limited by the space, nutrients, and sunlight that is available to it.

If you grow the same plant in a container with potting soil or in an outdoor garden, it will grow much larger.

Need to use the right water

You need to use the right water when growing the plant in water. If you use tap water that contains chemicals or hard water with a lot of salt the plant will not grow well.

The best water you can use is either spring water or rainwater that contains good nutrients and minerals for the plant.

Need to use fertilizer

If you grow the plant in water, you need to provide it with the nutrients. The best way to do this is by using a liquid fertilizer that you add to the water every few weeks.

If you grow a plant in an outdoor garden, the roots can spread into the soil and gather the nutrients. So you don’t need to rely as much on fertilizer.

Clean the container

You need to keep the container clean so the plants can grow well and don’t end up with root rot. You also need to monitor the container for algae and clean it as soon as possible.

Even if there are no visible impurities in the container, it’s best to clean the container and fill it with fresh water after a couple of weeks.

A limited number of plants

You can grow many plants in water for a few weeks. But not all plants are suitable to grow in water for months or years. So you have a limited number of plants to choose from.

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