I was fascinated with the beautiful tulip blooms and wanted to know how long they would last in a pot after blooming.

Tulips last in a pot for 8 to 10 weeks as they bloom and for another 15 to 30 days after blooming. The flowers may last for several weeks after blooming. The life of the tulip bloom depends on the variety and the climate you grow them in.

There are a few things you might be able to do to get the most out of the tulip plants. You might also try to regrow the tulip bulb for the next growing season. Let’s try to find out more details about this.

How long do tulips last in a pot?

Tulips are a plant native to the Middle East and not Holland. They prefer a cold winter season followed by a dry spring/summer season to grow well.

This means that the tulips prefer a temperature of below 40 degrees for the 10-12 weeks of winter to set themselves in the soil.

Once spring arrives, the tulips will bloom and last for a short period of 8-10 weeks after which the flowers will wilt and the plant begins to die.

Will a potted tulip rebloom?

A tulip is a perennial plant so it should be able to grow the next season. The problem is that the potted tulip plants are forced to grow in an environment made suitable for flowering.

This puts a strain on the tulip bulb and makes it really difficult to reuse it for the next season. You can try to do so but the chances of regrowing it are slim.

If you want to take your chances, you need to wait till the flowering period has ended and the leaves have turned brown.

Then dig up the bulb carefully from the potting soil. Separate out the main bulb from any smaller ones.

You need to store the tulip bulb for 10-12 weeks in a paper bag that you place in the refrigerator. Make sure to not store it with fruits as some of them release ethylene gas that will rot the tulip bulb.

Storing the tulip bulb in the refrigerator gives it the feeling of winter where the temperature drops to 40 degrees or below.

Once the fall temperatures start to drop lower, you can bring the tulip bulb out for planting in the pot with fresh potting soil and fertilizer.

What do you do with tulips after they die?

If you’re growing tulips in the ground, there are good chances you can regrow them the next season.

You need to wait till the flowers have wilted and the leaves have turned brown. Then take the bulb out of the soil and put it in storage like a refrigerator.

But if you’re growing tulips in a pot, the chances of them regrowing are quite low. It’s best to remove the bulb from the potting soil once the plant is dead. You can add the plant remains to the compost pile if you have one.

When should you plant tulip in a pot?

The best time to plant a tulip is 6-8 weeks before winter begins in your area. The temperature needs to go below 60°F before you can plant it in the pot.

The month will be between September to December depending on the area you live in and when the winter temperatures are going to start.

If you bought the tulip bulbs in summer or fall, you need to store them in the refrigerator so they don’t rot.

You can put them in a paper bag and store it away from the other fruits and vegetables. The bulbs should be able to last for a couple of months before you take them out for planting.

How to plant a tulip bulb in the pot?

I would recommend only planting one tulip bulb per pot so they don’t compete with each other for resources.

You need a good quality potting soil that has a nice texture to retain sufficient moisture while draining out the excess. Tulips don’t like to grow in damp soil.

The pot has to be at least 18-24 inches deep because the tulip bulb itself will need to be planted deep. You need to dig a hole in the potting soil between 12-15 inches depending on the size of the tulip bulb.

Place the tulip bulb inside this hole and cover it up with the potting soil. If you can add some compost together with the potting soil that would be great. Water the soil well till it drains out the bottom.

How to harvest the tulip blooms?

You can harvest the tulip blooms when they are still closed but have a dark color to them.

Cut off the tulip blooms at the base of the stem and cover them up in the floral paper. This will help prevent the stems from bending as you carry them to a vase.

Place the tulip blooms in a vase filled with fresh tap water. You need to change the water every day and fill in fresh tap water again.

You also should cut a 1/2 inch tip of the stem every day before placing it in the water. This will help keep the bloom fresh and make it last longer.

Make sure to keep the vase of tulip blooms in a place that is cool to encourage the tulips to last longer. Keep them away from hot places like an oven or a fireplace.

The tulip flowers will last for 5-7 days with proper care and then start to wilt. Once the flowers are fully wilted and dead, you can dispose of them.

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