How to Grow Juicy Strawberries That Will Blow Your Mind

strawberries in the garden

The first time I grew strawberries, I just dove right in and set out a bunch of plants. I kept them mulched, weeded, fertilized and watered. I started to get worried around the middle of summer when I didn’t see any blossoms. After researching a bit, like I should have done before planting, I learned … Read more

How to dry and preserve herbs from your garden

drying herbs

It’s great to have a herb garden. Not only does it provide tasty herbs to add to all kinds of recipes, but the pollinators love it, and it’s such a pretty addition to the backyard. There’s just one problem. Most herbs do best when regularly trimmed back, and one can only use so many fresh … Read more

How to use Spring Gardening to Start a Wonderful Garden

woman in garden during spring

Spring is an exciting season in the garden. The soil thaws and those first crocuses push to the surface. Spring gardening is one of those things that get you excited after a long, dreary winter. Spring gardening is about cleaning out the waste from the garden. It involves fixing broken things in your garden and … Read more

How to use pruning to make your trees happy

man pruning branches in the garden

Solid landscaping starts with trees. These massive plants create a shaded canopy of lush plants. Unfortunately, many gardeners fail to care for their trees. Pruning can improve the vitality of the trees on your property. It can enhance the overall aesthetics and safety of your trees. Read along to learn all about the importance of … Read more

What is Peat Moss and Is It Useful For Your Garden?

person with peat moss in hand

It’s a wonderful feeling to start your own garden. You might have a big yard where you can create some raised beds. Or maybe you have a small apartment and want to try some container gardening. The most important thing you need for your plants is the potting soil that you use. It has to … Read more