Poulan Pro PP258TP Gas Pole Saw Review

The Poulan Pro PP258TP is a gas pole saw that is suitable for pruning tree branches in the garden.

If you’re looking to purchase this tool, you need to know the pros and cons. This review will help you with your buying decision.

Poulan Pro PP258TP Gas Pole Saw Review

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Pros Cons
  • SureFire quick start
  • Good cutting power
  • ProLink attachment feature
  • Two-year warranty
  • No easy tension adjustment
  • Heavy

What is the cutting capacity?

The Poulan Pro PP258TP has a 25cc 2-cycle engine that should be good enough for pruning tree branches in the garden.

The bar and chain is 8-inches which helps you trim branches up to 6 inches thick.

What is the pole reach?

The pole has a 3-foot extension that makes it able to get an overhead reach of 12 feet. This helps you trim branches that are high and hard to reach.

The extension is not telescopic. So you need to attach an additional piece to get it extended.

How good is the durability?

The Poulan Pro PP258TP is sturdy and durable. You should be able to use it for many years with regular maintenance.

How are the bar and chain?

The bar and chain have a length of 8 inches. This helps you prune tree branches up to 6 inches with ease.

Is the design good?

You should have no problems holding this pole saw and trimming branches as the design is ergonomic.

The grip is comfortable to hold and use. So you won’t have the risk of losing it from your hands while pruning.

The pole is not telescopic so you need to attach an additional 3-foot piece to extend it fully.

The Poulan Pro PP258TP does not have an easy-adjust chain tensioning system. So you need to use a wrench to manually adjust it.

Is the pole saw lightweight?

The Poulan Pro PP258TP pole saw weighs about 20 lbs. This may seem heavy when compared to electric ones. But it’s typical for a gas pole saw that has a gas engine and tank.

You do need to carry this weight when pruning tree branches. The weight is well-distributed at the ends of the pole. That makes it comfortable to carry.

And it’s good to use a shoulder strap to be able to use it for a long time without straining yourself.

Does it have an automatic oiling system?

The Poulan Pro PP258TP does come with an automatic oiling system. This helps you keep the bar and chain oiled up while pruning branches.

The well-oiled bar and chain help get good cutting performance. And it increases the life of the chain making it more durable.

Make sure to fill the oil reservoir to sufficient levels before using the pole saw.

Does it come with a detachable head?

No. The Poulan Pro PP258TP does not come with a detachable head.

It does have the extension that can be detached. So you get a smaller pole saw.

What are the noise levels?

This pole pruner has a gas engine. And that’s noisier than an electric one.

It’s good to have ear protection when using any such gas pole saw. This could be something like ear muffs.

Does it need a lot of maintenance?

This gas pole pruner has three parts. This includes the chainsaw, the pole, and the handle.

You can use just the chainsaw and the handle attachment to get a small pole saw. Or you could extend it to full-length using the extension pole attachment.

The multiple parts make it easy to store this tool when not in use.

You do need to maintain it a bit more than an electric one. That’s because of more moving parts like the air filter, gas tank, and carburetor.

The auto oiler that comes with this helps to keep the bar and chain well-oiled. This improves performance and durability.

The chain is durable and should last a while but after some time it will get dull. You’ll need to sharpen it yourself or take help from a professional.

What are the safety features?

The Poulan Pro has a safety switch lock so you don’t accidentally startup the chainsaw.

The bar and chain design help keep kickback to a minimum. This is a common problem where the tip of the bar hits the branch and causes an imbalance.

The comfortable grip and ergonomic design will help you use the pole saw for a long time without losing control and risking injury.

How much is the warranty?

The Poulan Pro PP258TP comes with a limited two-year warranty on the pole chainsaw. When you register the tool, you can get it extended to three years.

What is the price?

This gas pole saw has a decent price for the quality tool that you get.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive tool for pruning tree branches in your garden, this pole pruner is something to consider.

What do users think about this?

The Poulan Pro has been reviewed by a good number of customers and the reviews are positive overall.

They find it easy to use and does not feel heavy. They find it convenient for its quick startup and easy in storage.

Some did not find the shaft to be sturdy compared to some other pole saws. And it was a bit tedious to have it assembled.

Should you buy the Remington RM2599 Maverick Gas Pole Saw?

This is a good budget pole saw if you’re looking for one. It is good at pruning branches without burning a hole in your pocket.

The balance is good so you won’t have problems pruning tree limbs for a while with this tool.

The automatic oiling system helps keep the bar and chain well-lubricated to give good performance and durability.

It does not come with an auto chain tension adjustment. So you have to use a wrench to get it just right.

We think you get a good gas pole saw value for money considering the performance and quality.

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Poulan Pro PP258TP vs Remington RM2599

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The Remington RM2599 has a 25cc 2-cycle engine similar to the Poulan Pro PP258TP.

Both have an 8-inch bar and chain that helps trim branches up to 6 inches in diameter.

The extension pole can be full-extended to get an overhead reach up to 12 feet. This is what you can also get with the Poulan Pro.

Both the saws are easy to start. The Remington with it’s QuickStart technology and the Poulan Pro with its SureFire start.

Remington weighs about 17.1 lbs which makes it a little lighter than the Poulan Pro. But it’s comfortable to use both of them because of the good weight distribution.

The Remington RM2599 has an automatic oiler similar to the Poulan Pro. This keeps the bar and chain oiled when pruning tree branches.

But there’s no easy-adjustment chain tensioning so you need to use a tool to adjust the tension as needed.

Both the pole saw are similar in many ways so it’s your choice which one you want to go with.

Poulan Pro PP258TP vs MAXTRA Gas Pole Saw

MAXTRA Gas Pole Saw
  • [Powerful 2-Stroke Engine] - for effortless cutting. EPA certificated 42.7cc, 1100w 2-stroke gas powered pole saw engine is designed to deliver dependable trimming power to handle branches and limbs up to 10" thick.
  • [Reach 16FT New Heights] - with adjustable length. Our long pole chainsaw can easily extend from 8.2-11.4ft by extension pole. Safely reach up to 16ft while keeping your feet firmly on the ground, eliminating any balancing challenges on ladders.
  • [Versatile Performance] - Cordless gas hedge trimmer is tailored to meet various tasks with ease. Trim trees, cut wood, log, and prune your garden or orchard without any concern about cord length or battery drainage. The cordless convenience empowers you to work seamlessly.

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The MAXTRA has a more powerful 42.7cc 2-cycle gas engine compared to the Poulan Pro that has a 25cc one.

The bar and chain are also 10-inches which allows you to prune branches up to 8 inches thick. The Poulan Pro can only trim up to 6 inch thick branches.

The MAXTRA also has a longer overhead pole reach of up to 15 feet.

But a larger gas engine means that the MAXTRA is heavier. It weighs about 27 lbs compared to the 20 lbs of the Poulan Pro.

It comes with an anti-vibration system that will help reduce the amount of fatigue you face when using this pole saw for long periods of time.

It also has an automatic oiling system similar to the Poulan Pro PP258TP. But it does not have an easy-adjust chain tensioning system like the Poulan.

So the MAXTRA is suitable if you’re looking for a more powerful gas pole saw to prune a lot of tree branches. But that power does make it expensive.

Poulan Pro PP258TP vs BLUE MAX 53542 

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The BLUE MAX 53542 has a 32.6cc 2-cycle gas engine that makes it more powerful than the PP258TP.

The bar and chain are 10-inches which can cut branches up to 8 inches thick. The pole can be extended to get a pole reach up to 14 feet.

The weight of the BLUE MAX 53542 is about 21.6 lbs which makes it slightly heavier than the PP258TP.

The anti-vibration system helps you prune several branches without fatigue.

The automatic oiler keeps oil reaching the bar and chain as you’re pruning the branches. This helps the performance and durability similar to the Poulan Pro.

You need to use a wrench before using the pole saw to make sure the chain tension is set correctly.

If you want a little more power than the Poulan Pro, the BLUE MAX 53542 is the tool for you. However, higher power does make it expensive as well.